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...Welcome to our 2021 Puppy Page...
Featuring Crystal x Boomer Pups

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Born June 18th....

Trip home from the Vet 6/21/21 (looks like Murphy needs a bath! : )
There may be only 3 of us...
but we'll get 2 to 3x's the love and attention!!!
[all 3 are spoken for]

Great New Families
Annie went home with Howard, Annie, Helen, Halle, Sam and Wes

Cassie will be staying with Randy until Leonard can take her home to California

Lois and Erin took Murphy home to live with Lois and John.

These 100+ pups have been SUCH a joy to us throughout the years.... and we have met just as many wonderful families!
In the meantime, please keep in touch and shoot us a picture from time to time... 
we would love to know how these 'babies' are doing! : )


We invite you to follow pups'  development along the way in the journal below.  
 Journal and photos will be updated as time allows. 
(It always seems to take a few days following puppy births to get a good start on posting here :).

Photos are below the journal entries, with most recent photos on top.

I hope you will enjoy following us here!!
6/18/21- 4 beautiful pups were born around 10:30AM today! :-).  Dr. Grogan delivered them, via C-section.  COVID has presented changes and challenges to protocols and procedures  just about everywhere, so I was thankful that I could be present in the operating area for the surgery.  We lost the only little boy pup, a black male... he just could not quite get the hang of the breathing process.  Thank you to Teri for her great 2+ hour effort and for all the staff at VCA East-they were amazing....SO very sad, but we are extremely thankful for our 3 perfectly healthy little female pups! Of the 3,  2 are Black pups and 1 is Yellow.  All were very consistent in size, around 1 lb, +/- a couple ounces.  Beautiful!!
6/20/21- Hug day!!! (you'll see...) Pups typically lose a bit on the second day, but these little gals held steady. Crystal is a great mom, and as usual, after a day or 2 finds herself solidly nestled into motherhood.  (It is not common knowledge that the females who have C-sections will often take longer to begin the 'full-on' nurturing of their pups and may even try to harm them, as their hormones don't kick in until pups have been nursing for awhile; unlike natural birth, when those same hormones blossom during the birth process) Crystal reached that beautiful place this morning, where she is nurturing them so perfectly-I've been waiting for "the hug!" (pictured below :) I would say, she is the best mom we've had... well... Charlotte was amazing (Crystal's mom)... Love Jazz to pieces and she had gorgeous babies, but she just didn't like being 'tied down,' I guess you could say! HaHa!...  With her babies, I had way too much involvement in newborn functioning and much less sleep. Yikes! Crystal makes my job so much easier, now that she's in the groove!  I keep mom nourished and comfortable and their environment clean, while she mostly does the rest for these first 2 weeks. Pups are weighed twice each day to make sure they are all getting enough... Of course they are!! With this tiny litter-most likely not necessary, but I enjoy holding them and watching the weight gain at every weighing. : )
6/21/21- Pups are growing each day.  Looks like our goal to double birth weight by the end of their first week will be on target.  
**Pups went for their first Vet visit today.  At 3 days old, they had their dewclaws removed. Dr. McWilliams does a great job! Pups came out peaceful and asleep-never heard a peep.  Their little claws were still very soft, so not a bad experience for them and they hardly seemed to notice.  While at the vet, their heart rates and little selves were checked - all strong and normal! :)
6/22/21- These little pups are very vigorous, scooting all around!  I've said before, it would be really interesting to track those miles on these guys! Ha! Crystal loves them so... she will hardly leave to take care of herself without encouragement... she'll find that balance in time! :D  Pups change so quickly... much plumper in just 2 days (pics are from 6/19).  Murphy's foot pads are turning dark, and her face is beginning to show shades of change. : ) I need to ask Olivia to name Pink and Lavender for me... she does this every year - I love the names she chooses.  She is out of town now, so will have to do it remotely. : )
6/24/21- Pups become more active each day.  Yesterday evening and today, they were often up on all 4's.  I'm seeing them romping and playing already!... (in my mind's eye, that is :)
6/25/21- Today, pups are 1 week old!  Time really flies!  All 3 pups have more than doubled their birth weights, with very similar weights. Penelope is largest, weighing in this morning at 2lbs, 4.8oz; next is Cassie, at 2 lbs. 2.5 oz; then Murphy at 1lb, 15oz.... all within 6 ounces of one another. : )  You probably guessed... Olivia named the 2 black pups today. : )  Murphy's name was chosen by her family. : )
6/26/21- Pups are all over 2lbs today! VERY cute babies! We are excited to see that little twinkle in their eyes in a week or so!
6/28/21- Did I say 2lb??  Penelope just passed 3lbs this morning-Cassie and Murphy are a close 2nd and 3rd.. : )) Lots of milk to go around!  Crystal came to me today and asked me when I was going to trim those nails?? Ha!  Actually, she doesn't have such a hard time of it with only 3 pups, but I have plans to trim this evening, when the day is done..  These pups are scooting all around their 'pen'... as I said earlier on, mile tracking would be a fun thing to do. Ha!  We feel so blessed to have these little puppies... it is such a joy to just sit and watch them, especially the way Crystal cares for them - she leaves  no stone unturned where they are concerned! Sometimes, it seems like they are running from her. LOL! But mostly the opposite.  Penelope is a vocal pup.  She 'talks' in her sleep... so cute, little soft barks of all tones and lengths.  I don't know that this means she will be a barker... I don't think so. They are all very sweet when I handle them... We're on track with handling them and stressing their little ear pads... rolling them gently to their backs and softly holding them there until they 'melt' : ).  The smallest litter we've had was 2 pups, a few years back.  It is different in many ways to have small litters, but as noted at the top... more time and attention for each! : D  I try to take interesting pictures of them, but I realize they all probably seem very much the same. Ha!  But I'll keep posting them anyway. : )
6/29/21- Pups were wormed today.
7/1/21- Oh, these sweet babies!! All are over 3lbs and Penelope is pushing 4! Goodness! Mommy's amazing milk!  These little pups are changing everyday...  Penelope, being the largest, showed me that little twinkle in her eye this morning... I was thrilled!  And Cassie briefly walked on all 4's! Murphy, being the smallest will follow suit quickly... it seems it all depends on reaching a certain relative size to the litter... that said... Murphy was the first to scoot all around the 'bed' after they came home. (Back when I was talking about counting the miles. Ha!)  I have some ADORABLE pictures to put up, but I'm having a trouble uploading to my computer (all about available space, so need to purge a bit).  But I'll get them up soon... : ).  Puppies are doing really, really well... so hard to believe they will soon be transitioning to their 'big kid' puppy box, where they will learn to potty in the 'bathroom.' Then before you know it, they will be going outside... oh my!  Time is passing WAY too fast... Tell Art this CAN'T be our last puppy batch!! Can't imagine not working (and playing and hugging) these little furry babies!  But all good things really do have to come to an end sometime, I guess... Okay! enough of that!! Getting all sad... NOT YET!! : ))  It's fun to do our puppy exercises in their 'nursery.'  I roll them on their back and rub their tummies, then roll them the rest of the way over... pressing on their ear pads, picking them up and cradling them-(how I discovered the twinkles this morning. : )
7/2/21- Two weeks!  I am posting pictures today because they have reached that 2-week milestone... this is usually the youngest age when Pups will begin to open their eyes.  Penelope was a couple days early and has opened her eyes fully as of today, Murphy's are partly opened, and Cassie is still thinking about it. : ) After all are fully open, I'll take individual pictures of them.  Crystal is doing well... the best mom ever! It's funny (and even a little pitiful) she will go in to feed them and they just aren't hungry!  She needs a bigger family! Ha!  But all is well with her... she just lays over and takes a nap beside them.  Very sweet!
7/4/21- Yay!! It's Independence Day!!  Speaking of independence, on a much smaller scale, Ha!... Puppies' eyes are all open, and are beginning to walk!  VERY cute... I will be adding new pictures soon, but they need to be edited first. : )... All pups are at 4lbs plus... Love these little ones!
7/6/21- Our little pups are not so little anymore... So much good milk at every meal... and SO many places at the table!!  May need to distract Crystal some-maybe a new project...Ha!  She is determined, they will eat! (Pups are thinking, does mom remember there are only 3 of us?!!) Ha! So cute, these pups... beginning to interact with one another and swat at mom's tail... so tubby, can hardly stand on all 4's, but of course it will happen-a bit early still. : )
7/8/21- Today, pups will graduate to their 'big kid' pen... but in the meantime, it is so fun to just sit on my little stool beside the pups and watch them, doing those things I do to help them develop in stages.  They are beginning to respond to me and wag their little tails when I pet them and scratch their heads.  Awhile ago, while Cassie-C was sleeping, Pennie-P and Murphy were tussling some.  There will be so many 'firsts' happening in the days and weeks that come... (and actually throughout their lives... they never stop learning, especially, if someone is spending time with them, talking to them and teaching them.
7/9/21- Today, Pups are 3 weeks old! Where does the time go?? This will be their first full day in the home where they will be until the final week, when they will spend some time in little crates to complete their crate training... their current home is also preliminary training, prepairng them for crate training.  By the time they are 4 weeks old, they will begin spending time in the outdoor puppy play area, also. 
7/10/21- Pups will get those little razor-sharp nails cut again today.  Crystal says, "OH GOOD!"  Every litter is different in many small ways, stages vary a bit, regarding what is done at a given time... Will not offer solid food yet, as they are getting plenty from Crystal and better to wait if possible. Also these 3 'little' ones are more sociable/aware of us for what is typical with pups at just over 3 weeks.  They come crawling/attempting to walk with tails wagging when we approach their pen ... this is an example of a definite benefit of a smaller litter... handled more on a regular basis, as we spend as much time, but more per each.  They love to be handled. : ) Changing bedding on the sleep side of their pen often at this stage is very important - this is to get them used to a clean place to sleep, so they will more quickly decide to potty on the other side, the designated potty area. : )
7/13/21- Pups had their first taste of solid food today.  All were curious and tasted some, from their own section of their fancy bowl. : ) Pups are walking better... so big they are slower to be strong on their feet, but when they're ready and not before, it will happen!
7/15/21- Pups are doing very well at learning to potty in the right place. We have accidents sometimes, of course, but I love to see them finish with mommy, then waddle or crawl over to the other 'room' to go. After they go outside that they really get it down. : )  So sweet!
7/16/21- Pups are 4 weeks old today!  The days are flying by! Will be getting 4 week old pictures this weekend. : )  These are the friendliest pups!  They come to me and want me to pet them and pick them up. I love it!  Still wobbly on their feet, but getting stronger... 
7/17/21- Well... it's time to roll out the red 'carpet' for pups' first trip down the steps to the great outdoors... Oh what a treat they're in for!  Their area is almost ready for them.  It will be fun!
7/19/21- First day outside... yippee!! Such a big new world for these little guys... They actually seemed to be in awe of the sight! So many new experiences for them ahead!! Penny-P was the brave one... went tumbling down the steps head over heals.  Yikes!  Then jumped right up and went to find Mommy. : )  Next came Murphy more cautiously, while Cassie-C was waiting at the top for a lift. LOL!  
7/21/21- Third day outside and already getting down the potty-in-the-straw plan, not under the shelter.... I think we have had 3 accidents total!  Very smart puppies!!
7/23/21- Fifth day outside... And 5 weeks old today!! Very confident, sweet pups!  They seemed to love their people at a very early age.
Again... where has the time gone! These little ones have not been afraid at all... hit the ground running!  They are having so much fun with their fun place to play and with lots of toys! (very important for redirecting those razor-sharp teeth!!)  It is SO fun when they come running to me... When I stand in the hay, and call to them, they come out from the behind the big dog house (where it is very cool) and run to me... then all go potty!  So fun to see them go out on their own, also, after play or eating.
7/24/21- Pups are deciding to eat better... they love the raw food mixed with a little dry soaked in raw goat's milk and water overnight in the fridge.  They will soon be eating much more as the weaning process moves forward.  Crystal no longer sleeps in the puppy room with them.  This way they are hungry in the morning and get their first meal from me. : )  They nurse immediately after.  This way, they don't drink so much of mom's milk, allowing her to not make so much. ; )
7/25/21- We are in a good routine.  Pups generally outside by 7:15, then are eating breakfast by7:30, playing while I prepare it for them.  We don't leave them outside unattended.  I have always been cautious of prey animals around, especially in the air (owls, hawks, etc). So there we make sure there is always a puppy guardian outside with them: Mom, the other dogs in the yard and/or one of us. Can't be too careful! Pups come inside midday on these super hot days to nap inside while they cool off.  Crystal gets to cool off as well.
7/26/21- Pups are amazing how they are trying to potty outside first thing in the morning!  I open the door to their pen, and out they come, walking and tumbling down the deep steps to the ground, where they all immediately do synchronized potty, then we walk over to the main play area, where they play until breakfast is ready. (Before I let them out, I go out beforehand to give them fresh water (sometimes put ice in it : ) and sweep up their play area and collect any toys that were left in the hay).  They are so happy every morning!!
7/27/21- The play is more intense this week and pups are learning not to bit so hard!... not hearing as much screaming, "OUCH!" during playtime! They still gnaw on each other. Ha! but just not as hard! They are responding to our work with them of no nipping- not us, our shoes or our clothes... It takes constant work, but will one day pay off!
7/30/21- Pups are 6 Weeks old today! growing so fast-2 are over 11 pounds and the other is just under!  It is amazing the progress and growth pups accomplish in only a few days!  They are running and playing off and on all day long, sleeping and eating in between. : )  They recognize their names and almost always come when called.  Pups have been so friendly and  sociable from the time they could see and hear. 
7/31/21- It was wonderful meeting Annie's new family today. : D.  Sarah, Howard and their 4 sweet children live in Guthrie.  It was fun watching them meet her... such a good girl! These are all 3 happy, smart pups!
8/3/21- We have enjoyed a lot of wonderful visitors:  Tam was first. : ), then yesterday, we had fun seeing Dody from Edmond; then, other days, we enjoyed having Nash, Xander, Jen, Olivia and Bryan.   This is very good for pups - the more people they meet and interact with, the more relaxed and friendly they will be.  They are extremely confident, growing more so each day. : )  They are little ruffians toward each other, but are quickly learning that people need to be treated MUCH differently! This week, Olivia has spend a lot of time with the pups, holding them and just spending time... : )
8/5/21- Today, Jane came to meet pups!  Yay! Pups are eating pretty good, but still wait on mommy's good milk.  The weaning process is slow, but sure.  Crystal seems more attached to these pups.  The only thing I can think of is that because there are only 3, she is not overwhelmed with them at every turn, and enjoys nursing them and rolling on her back in the dry wading pool, letting them climb all over her. : )) Really sweet to watch!
8/6/21- Pups are 7 Weeks old today! Such big kids!! They are doing very well with their potty outside instead of crate/indoor puppy place.  I HAVE to time it somehow to get a video of their early morning first trip outside to go potty after sleeping inside.  SO very cute and quite a ritual! Ha!  They hear me coming because I heard them begin to wake and whimper (or screech!! depending on urgency, ha!), so I open the back door, then the 'floodgates!' and out they come!! racing down the steps... over to me for good morning pets, then off to get down to business, often all at the same exact time! LOL!  I like to call it synchronized potty! So cute!! And then, if big potty is to follow, the search is on!!! For just the right spot-on and on they go... round and round with nose to the ground!! So cute.... as if one spot is better than the other... oh, but it is! Their nose knows!!! :D 
7 WEEK Portraits are coming... Oh Goodness, are they ever worth the wait!! 

8/7/21- It was so hot that we decided to fill the pool up completely with nice cool water! What fun!  Pups didn't stay in, but went in again and again. : ) We had started with a little bit a few days earlier... don't want them to be afraid of the water! After all... these are water dogs!! :D
8/9/21- Today, we had 2 more nice visitors, Randy and his father-in-law, Leonard.  Cassie will go home with Randy, then in about 3 weeks go with Leonard to live with his family in California. We've had several 'big pup' visitors this time... but only from a distance. : )  We've had Rigi, Gracey, Piper, Maxie, and Daisy.  So good for pups to see that there are lots of really nice big kids out there!  Murphy has a big sister from our 2018 litter waiting for her at home. : )
8/10/21- Today, was a hot one!! pups stay cool with their fan and cool mist... Tomorrow, we're off to the vet, Dr. McWilliams for their well-puppy visit.
8/11/21- What GOOD puppies!! Went to the vet this morning and were so, so sweet to the doc, cooperating totally as he poked, probed and listened to their little heartbeats. 
: )  They enjoyed their 2nd ride in the car!  The first, they don't remember! : ) 
8/13/21- Today, Pups are 8 weeks old! I can hardly believe the time has come for them to leave us! We know they will thrive and be the best pups ever!  So good and smart!  They will miss one another and us for a time, but will be so busy exploring their new world with their new wonderful families. They will be loyal and be loved!  I will miss our sweet Oreo Pack!
8/14/21 & 8/15/21- Pups went to their new homes on Saturday and Sunday.  I won't worry about them.  They are in very good hands... sweet little ones!!!


The End of 14 Wonderful Years of Breeding Beautiful Labrador Retriever Pups

We love them all!!!

(End?....likely, but NEVER say never! :)

Sweet Mementos Drawn and Given to Us by Halle
Annie lives at her house!

                                 Mom and pups                                      Sweet Dreams...z...                          
                                                                                                                    z Z




Morning of 8/14/21

Watching Gracey, their half sister (from an earlier litter)

Love those hay stacks

A Great Place to Nap!

Well Puppy Visit-Such Good Puppies!

Pretty laid back pups!




Exploring on the cool floor

Off we go to the Vet's office. 8-11-21





More at 7 Weeks....
Cassie, Murphy (w/ a wet nose) and Annie 8/6/21

7 Weeks old- Puppy pile 8/6/21-Cassie, Annie, Murphy

Cassie, Murphy, Annie-7 WEEKS! 8/6/21

Sleepy time-8/5/21

Murphy and Cassie-8/4/21

Annie, Murphy & Cassie-8/4/21

Cassie and Murphy... wanting us to stay.8/4/21

Tired Murphy! 8/1/21

7/31/21-Crystal has enjoyed these pups-3 are not so overwhelming. Ha!

Add water to the pool... More Fun!!
7/30/21-6 Weeks old!

Crystal and Pups looking at big dogs-7/30/21
[Notice Jazz (Crystal's half sister) in the background to the left looking on-as if she were remembering her days as a puppy mom]

~5 Week Portraits~
Annie-5 Weeks

Murphy-5 Weeks

Cassie- 5 Weeks
5 weeks old and 5th day to play Outside and having a ball!... 
Eating from new food dishes now!

First Day Outside
Pups didn't seem to be worried at all... 
just enjoyed the vast outside from the start!

Wow!! Look at that Huge world!???
Cassie, Murphy, Annie

Annie, just taking it all in!

So excited to be outside!!

Cassie... chillin'!!
These pups have typically been relaxed about new experiences!

Crystal is very happy to have more space, also!
~~~ ~~~
Day 2 at the 'big kid' table
Such confidence!

First Time to Taste Solid Food
25 days old

First Full Day in "Big Girl" Puppy Box
3 Weeks Old!

Happy Independence Day!!

2 Weeks/2 Days
ANNIE (was Penelope)-pink collar


Cassie - lavender collar

2 WEEKS... 7/2/21
It's about that Little Sparkle in their EYES

Penelope-eyes fully open

Cassie-not quite yet

Murphy-beginning to open

Another Day in the Nursery

 Penelope is a little dramatic. Ha!  See the tiny twinkle in her eye?  

Cassie is fast asleep. : )

Murphy hardly missed a "z"  : ))

Getting tight in there!  This is where they stay while getting their bed changed. : ) 

Please excuse the poor quality, but you get the idea. :)

A Vision of Contentment

Penelope-Pink Collar Female -6-28-21 - 10 days old

Cassie-Lavender Collar Female -6-28-21 - 10 days old

Murphy-Yellow Collar Female -6-28-21 - 10 days old

10 days old

Penelope-Pink Collar Female Pup

Cassie - Lavender Collar Female Pup

Murphy-Yellow Female Pup

~NEWBORN Portraits~
Black Female-Pink collar

Black Female-Lavender collar

Murphy - YF -Yellow collar : )

The HUG! 6/20/21
(a little blurry, but you can see her resting her front leg over them : )




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