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More Photos from families who have shared photos of their 
Hershy's Star Pup 


1 of 2 Maggies from 12/5/15 (Shannon's) 1 year old

1 year old Daisy from 12/5/15 Litter

1 year old Oakley From 12/5/15 Litter

One of 2 'Maggies' from 12/5/15 litter (Trevor's)-1 year

1 year old Jet from 12/5/15 Litter

   Lisa's Bella - a beautiful girl and doing great with her hunt testing! 
 Out of Charlotte's and Chief's 2012 litter
(3-12-17-She will have her first litter of pups at 5 years old! Wow, time flies!)

One year old Millie in Kansas - Jan 2011 Litter

Handsome Henry, 13 months,  smiling...he LOVES playing in the snow.  Dec 2009 litter
Bjorn - 8 months - Dec 2009 litter
Boone - 6 months - Dec 2009 litter
Pudge - 6 months -Dec 2009 litter
Bjorn - 8 months--Dec 2009 litter 
Duke - 10 months -Dec 2009 litter
Sydney - 8 months -Dec 2009 litter 


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