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Charlotte & Flynn's 10 Fantastic Pups
4 males / 6 females 
Born April 23-24, 2013!
All pups have WONDERFUL NEW HOMES !!
We are very thankful!
(We invite you to follow puppy news in our journal below)

Watch them grow!

2013 Photo / Journal
Born April 23-24, 2013

Pictures below ......
and information on how to reserve your pup...
6/22/13-The pack has grown much smaller now...we're down to 4 pups-one will stay with us and be a Hersy's Star pup.  Next month, one will head to Texas, one to DC, and one to FL.  Thankfully, we have gotten good puppy reports from all families who who have taken their pups home already.  We are very happy that pups are adjusting quickly and happily. What lucky pups to have such wonderful new homes!  Thank you to all!  We miss those precious babies, but are confident that they are in extremely good and loving hands.  Our goal is always to prepare pups well, so they will be able to please their new families from the start, as well as make that huge transition a family must make from puppy-free to very FULL of puppy ! : ) A better life for all!
6/15/13-Well, it is that bitter sweet time again when the babies begin to leave the 'nest'.  All are going to wonderful new homes, so we won't worry about them, but will miss them terribly, especially at first.  Hopefully we will get a word from time to time about how they're doing, and a picture to show how beautiful or handsome they have become, and how happy they are with their new family.
Pups get sweeter and sweeter as days go by, and are more confident in their crate, separate from the litter, rotations. They still love to get close and roll over for a belly rub...and are not jumping up today.  What good and polite pups!
6/8/13-They did it!! First Try!  Woke up clean and dry this morning (pups went to bed about 9:30, then we let them out one more time about 11pm last night).  Slept ALL night!  What good puppies! 
6/7/13-Pups are very fast learners.  and are still responding to my work with them on no nipping people or clothing.  They are eating 2 cups of kibble per day, and are very active.  All are carrying toys, balls,  and bumpers.  Tonight, will begin crate training, by limiting them to sleep side of puppy box, then 2 at a time in a small crate, then one at a time.  A heart warmer: last night I was sitting outside just before pups went to bed.  Murphy came up to me, looked up and reached one paw as a baby might when asking to be picked up.  I picked him up, cradled him and he went fast asleep.  So sweet.
6/6/13-Pups are still very successful with "big potty," and some are even holding both!  Beginning yesterday evening, I saw a general improvement at pups not pulling at clothing and biting at fingers and toes. Again this morning, pups were very responsive to a firm "NO!" and if necessary, a swift grab at the scruff of their neck (like mom does).  Combine these with gently putting an approved chew toy in their mouth, then saying many times, "GOOD PUPPY!!" "SUCH A GOOD PUPPY!" with lots of head rubs and pets.  This is the combination that has worked well for us.  I spend a lot of time with them to teach this.  For continued success, you will need to pick up the training when you get your pup, which will help you have a much better experience.  It is important to engage the entire family with consistent training methods and commands. NO one should allow biting of clothing or skin. And no "tug o war" games,  or "chase" games, especially with children.  This encourages dominance and aggression.  You are the alpha dog.  Your dog should be submissive even to the smallest child in the family, which is why to protect puppy from the innocent, but hurtful actions of a toddler is EXTREMELY important.  Never leave children alone with pup, even older children, until "ground rules" are well established, and you are sure they will correctly discipline pup!  (Man...I really got off on a training session ! ) Time is getting close!  Pups got their 6 week portraits this morning...ran out of daylight and steam yesterday.

6/5/13-Pups are 6 weeks today. Pups enjoyed being in the rain (not a downpour).  Still amazing regarding potty successes.  Such big  "kids!"  Today, is puppy portrait time. It is still raining, so still deciding where to photograph them; will post them in next few days. Such cute names from all of our new families!  I have added them to the "Bear" photo captions below, and will use names from now on. : ) I like having names ahead of time.  This way I can help pup learn his/her name, early in this period of fast learning. (But take your time deciding if you haven't already...best to be sure : )

6/3/13-Pups are doing great!  They are still very successful waiting to go outside for their morning "big potty,"  and keep their bed dry.  What good puppies ! Toys are picked up at bedtime, and before breakfast pups have scattered them throughout their play area.  Just an example of how much fun they have !  Pups are very intrigued by the scent of duck and pheasant (I'm not surprised by this-they are being true to their bloodlines !!) Made me smile when I saw  one of the pups shiver a bit on this crisp June morning...(no winter coat yet=ha! : ) High 50's is VERY cool in Oklahoma for a June morning - what a gift! Pups are climbing the steps, and climbing out of their nighttime sleep area, so time to close the upper door. Pups are eating between 1 & 2 cups of kibble per day now.
6/1/13-We have been meeting many of our new families, and are very thankful that all will be going to wonderful homes.  
5/31/13-Another early morning...had a "poop alert" in the middle of the night ! : /... : ) but that's a good thing for me and for you.  Pups are concerned about going potty outside : D  All else is good and normal.  Pups are being wormed again today.
5/30/13-This morning, pups wanted out an hour earlier than usual (5:30 AM). I think this time we all woke the rooster next door, heading outside for breakfast before daylight ! An earlier day since one of the pups had climbed out of the pen and was chasing Charlotte around the laundry room-yikes! (you can imagine how that must have been for her...no escape from a little suckler... for a mom with a plan!) The little one was chasing and crying-LOUDLY ! It was dark when I entered, so didn't see who it was before I scooped pup up and put back in with the others so mom could go outside first.  The other pups were just lined up along the edge watching, as in amazement, while the little escapee made lots of noise and ran around after mom! I'm sure I'll know tomorrow who it was, because once a pup learns he can climb out, its a regular thing (for this age).  After I know, I will close another door, which makes their sides higher.  Have to keep those little guys safe !
5/29/13-Pups are 5 weeks now.  Each new day brings a braver, BIGGER, more experienced puppy, and it still amazes me, even after many years of working with puppies, just how quickly they change ! Charlotte and I enjoyed the wonderful thunder storm outside under their shelter with them, right before pups went inside to bed....  They chased raindrops until the down pour, then ran for shelter ! HA! Their first experience with the flashes of lightning, and the cracking and rumbling of the thunder didn't seem to phase them-they noticed, but then continued their romping under cover. : )

To show how pups compare weight-wise, I will post each pup's 5 week weight-rounded to the nearest ounce (oz) - in weight order.  (Naturally, this order changes at times, e.g., Lt Green just a couple days ago took the lead from yellow pup : )

1-Lt Green collar-9lbs/15oz;   2-Yellow Pup-9lbs/7oz;   3- Dk Green collar-9lbs;  4- Dk Blue collar-8lbs/15oz;  5- White collar-8lbs/14oz;  
6-Pink collar-8lbs/9oz;    7-Lt Blue collar-8lbs/7oz;    8-Lavender collar-8/6;   9-Yellow collar-8lbs/6oz;   10-Orange collar-7lbs/7oz

5/28/13-Pups come running when called...so cute !  They now have a daily routine that they understand and follow.  They eat at 7 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM;  After each meal, mom tops them off.  They drink lots of water in between. Their set of activities each day (for now) -wake up, potty, play, go outside for BIG potty - outside X 3 - [eat, potty, play, potty, nurse, potty, play, potty, sleep] potty, then back inside to bed (after all, they could still be only a mouthful for certain predators out there) - add a trip to the big yard, some big dogs, a few wiffs of duck or pheasant...some variety during play time. : )
5/27/13-Pups are spending most of their days outside now, and love it !  Lots to do and play with. I am amazed at these pups, but lately, particularly in the area of potty successes. (As you can imagine, this is a big deal when dealing with 10 pups! ; ). about 3 mornings ago, I heard them crying, and went in to get them ready for breakfast (about 7 am); I noticed...hmm...no poopies in potty area (usually there would be several, and you can imagine the rest!).  So I opened the back door and down the steps tumbled 10 precious little pups ! They immediately scampered  to potty area, and ALL started to go potty !  They had held it !!  At the time, I thought this could be a one-time thing, but everyday since...same thing !  Dry and poop-free !  What smart pups !  I keep saying it, and it is true !
5/25/13-It seems that when pups reached the 4 week mark, many things awakened in them...very happy to be outside; eating dry kibble (no more gruel or even moistened kibble); go potty in designated potty areas inside and out;  Carry toys; romp, (stagger a bunch-funny to watch). Pups have had lots of visitors this week, which is great for their socialization. Also, have listened to ALL genres of music, and talk radio...TV...have climbed and toppled down stairs, had many bigger dog visits.  They are well on their way to being weaned.  Should be accomplished by 6 weeks...only 1-1/2 weeks away! Pups have been wormed 3X's.
5/22/13-4 Weeks old today ! Pups are changing fast, and amaze me everyday !  See 4 weeks  portraits below : ) Bear is a good old boy- 8-1/2  years old (Charlotte will be 8 years old on Sunday, May 26th)...this is the 5th year Bear has helped socialize out pups by being their "first cat!"
5/20/13-Hard to keep up with these guys for this journal....pups change everyday : ) I'll be glad when I  can call them by name-rather than collar color : ).  Pups are eating well, same great baby starter food mom has been on since before they were born, and still fed by mom, too, but the weaning process has begun.  They go outside once or twice per day for an hour or so.  Not perfectly at ease with it, but better each time. Pups so far are all very submissive when I pick them up to cradle.  GOOD puppies!  Put them down, and they are a different pup. ha! Pups have been wormed twice as of last Friday.
5/19/13-Pups are playing with each other more every day, biting, making "fierce" sounds, and picking up a toy from time to time. Pups are getting much better at going potty away from where they sleep.
5/16/13-I am always experimenting with new ways to feed lots of little pups their solid food.  Today I wanted to try giving each their own little bowl to see if they would stay there while they eat.  You'll see some very smart pups in the photos below. : )  Bowls are arranged around their pen, and pups arranged in birth order (so I can keep track of how each is doing).  They each stayed at their own bowls for 6 long minutes! Good puppies !!
5/15/13-SO much has changed in just a little less than a week...I will add several pictures below, taken between the 10th and today,  to show some of these changes...  Today pups ate their first solid meal, and did great !  They knew just what to do...typical little "piggy" labs. ha!
**Many transitions are taking place during this 4th week of life (3wks old today)..they are newly aware of their surroundings, not only reacting to stimuli as they were during last week, but  actually aware and reacting to what they see, hear and smell, then learning from their experiences. We are very aware that we are working with a blank slate for each pup, and what we do will affect them for the rest of their lives.
5/10/13-Pups are now in their Phase 2 puppy box.  They were moved today, Friday, May 10th.  This is a place for them to learn in a protected environment (nothing to frighten or startle them-this is one of those critical times, called fear imprint period); learn how to potty on their own, away from where they sleep, eat their first solid meal, begin interacting with each other and with us, get their first wiff of those lucious duck wings and pheasant tails. (The fun work is really starting now).  
5/9/13-To walk in puppy room, say a few words, and have little heads turn, bodies stir, and start to make their little sounds...so new, so sweet, and seemingly all of a sudden that they react to the sound of my voice;  2 weeks +1 day is the magic time of eyes and ears awakening. : )  I am fascinated all over again ! (see little eyes below : ) They don't know me yet,  but are just reacting to the sound, and the movement. Pups are walking more today...everyday brings a very noticeable change ...I noticed some licking today, and one of the pups (dk green, I think) grabbing another's ear. : )
5/7/13-Pups are right on schedule !  Eyes are beginning to open (I love that new little twinkle).   And they are on their feet, wobbly, but up on all 4's.
5/6/13- It is difficult to describe just how adorable these  pups are!  Sweet, shiny healthy little balls of fur, with one little bright spot (of course our beautiful little yellow pup)! Charlotte seems delighted with her family...even though the "table" is getting pretty crowded. Ha!
5/5/13Pups began their stressing exercises today. This mild exercise will help them better deal with stress throughout their lives.  Olivia is a great helper.  She helps when we weigh them, and makes sure she can count 10 pups in the right place (and not stuck behind mom) when she passes through . : )
5/3/13 - Pups are all doing great and are beautiful!  They all weigh well over 2 lbs. as they kick off week 2 !  (See Newborn Puppy Portraits below : )
5/2/13 - Pups have completed their fist week now and have more than doubled their birth weight.  They are doing very well, and so cute I can't describe it !  I look forward to the 2 week (+/- a day or 2) milestone, when they open those little eyes. Hopefully I will get a picture of each today or tomorrow
4/29/13 Such good pups. They scoot around happily, making their soft baby noises occasionally.  They seem to function in perfect harmony along with Charlotte.  Just when I think one pup is slipping behind the others, I weigh them the following day, and amazingly they have picked up what they needed.  Yes, some pups are a little larger, but what I monitor is the amount gained in 24 hours.  They are all doing very well, gaining the right amount.  I found it interesting that last night, the 3 smaller pups were nursing on their own, while the larger pups were off napping. It was if by design.
4/28/13 -  Pups are growing so nicely...Ideally, they should double their birth weight by the end of the first week...they will surpass that slightly.  Charlotte is a milk machine, and she knows how to get all those pups to the table. : )
4/27/13 -Pups had their dew claws removed today... They went to see Dr. McWilliams and were such good pups-you wouldn't know it by how peaceful they were. Pups are doing fine. They got lots of  lovin' and praise for the healthy, strong and beautiful pups they are .... They were happy to come back home to Mom and a clean bed. All are sleeping now.
4/23/13-4/24/13-HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PUPS! Charlotte went into final stages of labor around 7 pm. on Tues. evening, April 23rd, and pups were born between 10 PM. and 2:15 on April 24th.  All ended well, but boy were we all tired afterwards!  Needless to say, Charlotte is a trooper, and is going out with syle, this being her last litter...Congratulations, Sweet Charlotte !!
Puppies are weighed daily, and are growing well. 

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6 Week Portraits
1st Born Male-dk blue collar
2nd Born Male - Murphy- light blue collar
1st  Born Female (3rd over all)- Missy- pink collar 
4th Born  - Male -Luke- dk green collar
5th Born - Male - Finnegan- lt green collar
 6th Born - Female - Emma -yellow collar
7th Born - Female -Gunner- yellow pup
8th Born - Female -Darla- lavender collar
9th Born - Female - Cotton-white collar
10th Born - Female - Georgia - orange collar

The Cutest Everyday Pictures
5-30-13 - 6-4-13
       Sleepinz  -6-2-13 -about to fall asleep sitting : )
To stop nursing early (for weaning)...leaves lots of milk on muzzle 5-31-13;       Pups' greeting at gate     6-1-13                                         
(Flynn came to visit)"Dad is better than the shade of a big tree!"    -  5-30-13-   Gunner dropped in her tracks : )                      
4 Week Portraits
Co-starring (once again)...Bear, the cat ! :)
Puppy #1-Male - dark blue collar
 Puppy #2-Male - "MURPHY"-light blue collar
Puppy #3-Female -"MISSY" ( pink collar)
(Bear is getting grumpy-I told him not to worry...only 7 to go! :)
 Puppy #4-Male - "LUKE" (dark green collar)
 Puppy #5-Male - light green collar
  Puppy #6-Female - yellow collar
 Puppy #7-Female - "GUNNER"
(big pup! Sun's glow makes her look even bigger! :)
 Puppy #8-Female - lavender collar
Puppy #9-Female - white collar
Puppy #10-Female -"GEORGIA" (Orange Collar)
ALL are sweet, smart, healthy, and beautiful pups!!
THANK-YOU, BEAR, for your patience;  and OLIVIA, for your help ! : ))
              Bear gets a preview of the pack..                                .yellow gets a preview of Bear ; ) 5-18-13
                  Outside Snack (5-17-13)                          Yes, we all have to get in the bucket to be weighed...but we don't mind...
An Interesting Experiment
(warning: Do not try this on just ANY pup...only for smart pups! :)
                                      Puppy dishes arranged around their inside pen..             Pups at their bowls arranged in birth order : )                         
                                                       (bottom left is 1st born, then clockwise)
6 LONG minutes later...everyone still in place (lt. green cleaning up his area & white collar just then on her way to "greener pastures" : )
Not bad...in fact VERY good!
Olivia, My Best Helper 
Olivia and pink girl- Olivia, like me, has a new "favorite" pup each time she sees them : ) - they are all smart & sweet !
She loves them so much...
First Solid Food - Yum !
From top right-clockwise: Yellow pup, dk blue,orange,yellow,lt blue,dk green,pink,lt green,lavender,white
They ate around this muffin pan (used to compare pups ability); each kept their place for at least 5 minutes - cute!
Good till the end !!
Yellow enjoying a cool drink after eating (water introduced 5-14)  ......... Pink may be thinking "That was SOoo good !"          
A Special Visitor
100 Year Old Grandma visits 3 week old pups !
Cute Puppy Piles....
A real challenge taking good pictures of black and white at the same time : )
                                                              .............................................................  And She Sleeps zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
A New Environment
                                              Pups moved to Phase 2 Puppy Box 5-10-13                 Standing Room Only !  At this "table !"  : )
Charlotte is an experience mom.  Interesting to watch her method.. stands first for awhile, sits, then lays down.
2 Weeks - Eyes are Open !
Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE "CUTE!"
Puppy #1-Male - dark blue collar
Puppy #2-Male - light blue collar
Puppy #3-Female - pink collar
Puppy #4-Male - dark green collar
 Puppy #5-Male - light green collar
Puppy #6-Female - yellow collar
("If I look a little wet, well someone did wet on my head right before my picture ! : [ "
 Puppy #7-Female - Yellow Pup
---Last 3 pups' didn't get the huge # of photos to find that perfect one-camera battery was dying... but pretty cute anyway----
Puppy #8-Female - lavender collar
Puppy #9-Female - white collar ( the largest pup !)
Puppy #10-Female - orange collar ("I was wet on, too!" : (  (The smallest pup!)
A Few More Pictures
5-8-13 - 5-9-13
"Papa" came for a visit- looks a bit surprised at his large family...Charlotte is glad to see him! 
 5-9-13 (pup #4 in center; pup #5 has rug fuzz on his face : )
Cute Puppy Pile - 5-9-13
5-9-13  Pups are walking now !
 5-7-13 Mid-yawn
Healthy, Growing Pups !
5-4-13 - 5-7-13
(Will be 2 weeks tonight & tomorrow)
Proud mom, sets the "full table !"  5-7-13                          Roly Poly Pups !    5-5-13
Newborn Puppy Portraits

    Black male pup -1st born (Dk Blue neck band)                        Black male pup -2nd born (Lt. Blue neck band)   
Black female pup -3rd born (pink neck band)                   Black male pup 4th born (Dk. green neck band) 
            Black male pup 5th born -                                   Black female pup 6th born  (yellow neckband)   
                        last male (Lt. green neck band)                                               -trying to stand : )                                              
             Yellow female pup 7th born                                      Black female pup 8th born (lavender neckband)  
(her nose & muzzle get blacker little by little)                                                                                                     
      Black female pup 9th born (white neck band)                             Black female pup 10th born (orange neck band)            

Lots of Cuteness going on around here !


Cuteness 1-Female w/ yellow neckband                  Cuteness 2- more of the Female Pups
                  Cuteness 3-The Males                                       Sea of Cuteness - starringYellow F Pup
Proud Mom !
The New Pack !
Not so bothered by dew claw removal...a brave bunch !
(4 boys on the left, and 6 girls on the right)

Made by Olivia 4/24/13 - Yellow pup is top row-left :)

(9 black & 1 yellow :) 
Born April 23rd -24th !
We are thrilled to bring you this healthy, strapping batch of lab pups, who are growing perfectly on schedule !
4 of 1st 7-nursing-only hours old 4-24-13
First 7 pups - a few hours old 4-24-13
Happy babies and Momma 4-24-13
Hershy's Chocolate Charlotte
(our beautiful Chocolate female- most beautiful we've seen...)
 has been bred to
Hanna's High Flying Flynn
The most beautiful Black American Lab male we've seen (take a look at his outstanding pedigree on the Dam & Sire Pedigree page) !!

These pups will be at least as handsome... add Charlotte's beauty and WOW!

Meet FLYNN ....
He has an outstanding pedigree...
Out of Candlewood Johny B Good & Aces High Hanna

Grandsires: Rik's Risky Raider and Wilderness Harley To Go
 Granddam: Candlewoods Gotta Be Good
Take a look at our Dam & Sire Pedigree page...amazing !!
Pups will have the same outstanding bloodlines
as their parents!



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