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Puppies are Here!!
Born October 12, 2019
Only One 
Yellow Female Remains!

(Pups should be ready to go home close to Dec. 7th)

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Parents are Both Amazing Dogs!!
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We invite you to follow pups'  development along the way in the journal below.  
 Journal and photos will be updated as time allows. 
(It takes a few days following puppy births to get a good start on posting here).

Photos are below journal entries, with most recent on top.
I hope you will enjoy following us here!!
10/12/19- 6 beautiful pups were born around noon today! :-).  Dr. Grogan delivered them, via C-section.  Olivia and Art were out of town this year attending a family wedding, so my friend, Tam, came along to help and witness this ever-amazing emergence of new life!  Of the 6,  4 are Black pups (2 Males and 2 Females); and 2 are Yellow (both Females!) All were very consistent in size, around 1 lb, +/- a couple ounces.  Beautiful!!
10/13/19- Pups are gaining nicely. Crystal is a great mom, as usual, and is nurturing them so perfectly!  She makes my job so much easier, once she gets in the groove!  I keep mom nourished and their environment clean, while she mostly does the rest, at least for these first 2 weeks. Pups are weighed each day and are all gaining as expected. Typically, at this stage, I would weigh at least twice per day, but all are nursing well due to less competition with the smaller litter, that once per day is enough to monitor.
10/14/19- Pups are growing each day.  Looks like our goal to double birth weight by the end of their first week may be reached.  
10/15/19- Pups went for their first Vet visit today.  At 3 days old, they had their dewclaws removed.  Dr. McWilliams does a great job! Pups came out peaceful and asleep.  Their little claws were still very soft, so not painful.  I have decided to have this procedure done each time, because many hunters get pups from us, and if not done this early, takes a surgery to remove them.  Studies show pros and cons for their removal, but the fact is... if a dewclaw nail is left unclipped (easy to forget that one), it can get hung up in brush in the field, and if it tears, can bleed to the point of being life-threatening.  So I choose based on the majority of opinions on this.  Pups hardly seemed to notice.  While at the vet, their heart rates and little selves were checked - all strong and normal! :)
10/17/19- These little pups are very vigorous, scooting all around!  It would be really interesting to track miles on these guys! Ha! So sweet to see them snuggling Crystal.  She loves them so!  She will hardly leave them without encouragement.
10/18/19-  Crystal is eating and drinking well, providing plenty of milk for her pups!  Pups are doing great!  They weigh between 1.7 and 2 lbs at 6 days old.

**Each year, Olivia names the babies: (We have to call them something and I love the names she comes up with! :)
Both black-Dark Blue collar- Blake; Light Blue collar-Jamie;
Black w/ pink collar-Lola; Yellow w/ Lavender collar-Sunny; Black w/ Yellow collar-Tessa; Yellow w/ black collar-Nova.

10/19/19- Well... pups have doubled their birth weight! SO healthy and cute!  I am disappointed to keep you waiting so long for good pictures of them ... computer issues, but I have taken the cutest pictures you've ever seen! : D  They are well worth waiting for... So please check back soon.  I am determined to have them up by the end of today.  I had planned to put up pictures I took from 1 day old, but decided to take some from a little older, so I took new ones this morning.... and OH MY GOODNESS!! 



(1 Week Old)

BLAKE-Black Male Dark Blue Collar 10/19/19

JAMIE-Black Male Light Blue Collar 10/19/19

LOLA-Black Female Pink Collar 10/19/19

SUNNY-Yellow Female Lavender Collar 10/19/19

TESSA-Black Female Yellow Collar 10/19/19

NOVA-Yellow Female Black Collar 10/19/19

At the hospital - not even dry yet! 10/12/19


~Champions listed on our Dam & Sire Pedigrees will all be part of  pups' pedigree ~

-We generally have only one litter per year-

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We not only emphasize the importance of a pup's bloodline, but also the great value in a healthy beginning, mixed with the very important socialization for each pup. We think it's the individual attention given to each and every pup that makes us stand out from many of the others!

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