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...Welcome to our 2017 Puppy Page, Part II...

Stoney x Crystal =
7 beautiful pups!
"A Rainbow Litter!"

~1 Chocolate, 1 Black, 5 Yellow Pups~
4 male / 3 female
Born onPearl Harbor Day!


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Londa and Art Hershberger 12/07/17

REMMY has a great new home with Steve, Shelly, Drew and Abby!

BOOMER is going to have a wonderful life with Cousin Oakley, and new parents, Dody and Jamie!

GRACEY is happy to go home with Tamarie!


MAX is happy with Michael in Austin

HARLEY is happy to spend his life with Chris and Joy!

MILLIE will gets lots of love from her Uncle Drake, and new dad, Dylan!

12/7/17- What a day! Began with a trip to the Vet for a C-section. Crystal and pups are well! And beautiful! We are very proud of them, and thankful to Dr. Hensen and his wonderful staff!
Pups and Crystal were home by 1 pm, then got settled into their nice warm environment. Crystal is proving to be a great nurturer, at least so far, and hopefully she will prove to be as good as her mom, Charlotte. Fun to have the "rainbow" litter again. Haven't had one for several years. These pups were large. The smallest pup was over 14 oz.
12/12/17- I think we've finally recovered from all of the excitement on the 7th... now we are just enjoying these beautiful pups... Crystal is absolutely the best mom! She keeps them very clean, and well fed! She tends to them so much and so well, that for these first 2 weeks, if she could change the bedding, she would only need me to fix her dinner! Ha! Today, pups had their dewclaws removed. Pups are doing well following the procedure. Weight gain is very good. It's a busy place around here at Hershy's Star Labs...
12/13/17- I could just sit and watch them for hours... the amazing nurturing instincts of Crystal... this is her first litter and you would think it was her 5th - she is a pro! So totally amazing! Sometimes I think I see a twinkle in one of those little eyes, but too soon. I love that time when their eyes open and they instantly have a new life about them! They are a blank page, in many ways... mainly socially and behaviorally, loaded with the opportunities that their ancestry brings. We are very mindful of their developmental needs. There is so much that we as their breeder can do to make these pups better for his or her whole life, and we take that very seriously. [This is me day-dreaming and enjoying the richness and beauty of God's creation, including these amazing labradors that we are able to enjoy everyday!] I sure hope Archie-Mav finds a great home... he deserves the best, he is such a good boy!! He is pictured on our home page.
12/18/17- I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by... maybe not to the ones waiting for their pup! Pups are growing so nicely, and walking at times on all fours. They will crawl for a little while longer. We have been handling them daily, and helping Crystal keep them clean. She is still being an outstanding mom! She's wearing them out, haha! In a couple days, pups will be moved to their 'big kid' box. This is where they will learn to potty away from where they sleep. The beginning of crate training, actually, since it is the same concept. We are looking forward to those little sparkling eyes to open in a few days... So fun when their world awakens! Boomer and Goose really don't need collars, but we wanted them to be 'fancy,' too. ha! I finally put up the newborn pictures... thought I'd better get them up before it was time for the 2 week pictures. : )
12/21/17- 2 weeks old today! Pups eyes were all open by today! In a few days, they will be completely open and we'll see that personality start to develop... already such nice and sweet pups! Crystal is doing such a good job cleaning up after them, I told her she really needs to let them start to do their own thing. ha!... Can't have mom taking care of 'business' much longer! :) They are in their new puppy house now, where they can start to learn that we don't potty in our bed, how to get along with our littermates, how to let our people handle us whenever they want to and not to nip and chew on them... only on our toys. They will enjoy the new food, the great outdoors... new smells, sounds and things to see!! Lots of learning to be packed in for them during these first few weeks of their lives. We know that these weeks are crucial for their development, and we don't want to miss the opportunity to help these pups be the great dogs they were meant to be!!
12/23/17- Pups are making new sounds... trying out those vocal cords. :) Sometimes they just let out a loud bark, and that's all! Really funny! And then look so pleased... well... or so it seems.. ;) They're starting to play a tiny bit... crawling on top of each other and gnawing on an ear - what we see at this point. They can see and hear now, but not so much aware of what they are seeing and hearing... only reacting to stimuli, so we are careful not to overwhelm them with too much stimulation initially. Slowly.... They get their ear leather slightly pinched from time to time to help them learn to cope with stresses early on.
12/25/17- Merry Christmas!! Pups got their 2 week portraits taken this evening... oh, so sweet...A good look at those sparkling eyes!
12/26/17- Pups got toenails clipped today... Crystal was thankful for that! They are playing more and more each day. They are potting much of the time on the 'potty side' of their puppy box.. this takes time, and in the meantime... lots of laundry! Ha!
12/28/17- Today, pups are 3 weeks old! So cute... and getting cuter everyday. As always, the pups progress nicely at the expected stages. Crystal's first litter has been a wonderful success. She works hard for them... grooming them more than they want... often I see them trying to get away from her... so funny! Pups got their first taste of solid food today... Just a sample... will start a regular diet of it in a few days.
12/31/17- Today, pups had their meal from the big bowl! They did very well staying in their own spot! So cute! Playing and growing... we hold and work with them daily, many times... such sweet pups. Pup are starting to come to greet us... (usually goes hand-n-hand with starting the solid food :) Playing pretty hard these days! Introduced pups to game birds today. Some were sleeping, but Goose and Dusty REALLY were intrigued...after I put the duck wings away, Dusty's nose was still on the ground, looking for it... not bad for a 3 1/2 week old pup!! Will be interesting to see how the others do when they're awake. One more important thing... tail wagging!! Love when that starts happening!
1/1/18- Happy New Year! Hard to believe pups will be 4 weeks old in 3 days! A lot changes for them... they can have visitors, go outside for the fist time (if the weather is above freezing!), be introduced to lots of new sights and sounds, including more game birds!
1/4/18- Pups are 4 weeks old today!! Yay! We can have visitors!! Our first visitor was Boomer's new mom! We had a good time!
1/5/18- Well, so this is what happens to the year!! Just yesterday it was New Year's day!! And so it goes.... ha! : | Pups went outside today and hated it!! They always do on the first day, but we continued our new tradition of rolling out the red carpet for them... that made it a little better. :) Yes, meeting the great out of doors is very new and intimidating when your feet hit the ground for the first time, not to mention cold, but was a little warmer in the afternoon... in the 50's for a few minutes before going back to Siberia! (seriously glad we aren't in the north right now!! brrrr!!!) Pups were cute... cuddled on the steps and in the straw by Crystal... Promises to be more fun next time! : ) So, since this 'first' will NEVER happen again for them, lots of pictures!!
1/6/18- Yay! more visitors! Glad you came, Tamarie and Dylan! (no pictures to post-maybe next time :)! Puppy picks began today for the yellow girls, that is. Introducing... Amazing Gracey and Millie! Such good pups!
When choosing your pup, what you want is a submissive pup to hold, lead, and train; to be submissive does not mean fearful... it means that pup understands that you are pack leader... at a time when it matters... a confident pup, manifesting in many nice ways... plays nice with others... happy to see people... even to snuggle at times... anxious to work and learn... and of course, doesn't hide fearfully in the corner. :(. It's important to have a good beginning, where pup is introduced to lots of different sights, sounds and people at an early age... even to be slightly stressed at times. It's very important to continue that socialization, a process, to insure a friendly, well-balanced pup, and ultimately a well-balanced adult dog! I just described each and every one of our pups! :D....
1/10/18- We love our visitors! So good for pups to meet lots of different people in a controlled environment. It is unreal how time is flying by! It seems like just yesterday I was updating here, but already has been 4 days!! Pups had fun outside in the sun! Gets cold tomorrow... Pups are eating more solid and less nursing now... the weaning process has begun. We hold pups daily multiple times... such gentle pups, except towards each other. Yikes! Even Crystal turns her head in alarm at times! Vicious-sounding! But that's how they learn about what really hurts and how to get along with their friends... Boomer's mom helped take 4 week pictures today during her visit... so much easier that way! :)... But tomorrow, they are 5 weeks... so, these are 4/5 week portraits! Size comparisons in photos don't indicate who is largest! Ha! Only how photo was cropped! ;)
1/11/18- 5 weeks old today! Oh, just brrrr.... Temp began to drop at 9am..., cloudy and windy... Can't imagine being any colder, but we've heard it happens! Ha! Pups are troopers, though! They go outside and work so hard at having fun and learning about being a dog! In and out of the nice warm big doghouse!! More pictures coming soon.... of this day... hard to keep up these days. : ) With the website, that is. ha!
1/18/18- 6 weeks old today! Time is flying by... We continue to have our visitors... It is very good for them. Already 6 weeks old today! Pups are growing like crazy and so smart! Play in the litter has gotten more intense... several of these pups are gonna give 'five'... I don't know why I like that! Just seems so friendly! Only one paw... that's what I like... 2 paws starts looking too much like a jump up. We're working on retrieving, and the no nipping and chewing... not on people or clothing-it's okay on each other. ha!. When you visit, be firm : ) We don't want to encourage this. It's a firm "No!" then "toys" (offer one and insist) Then when they take it from you, its lots and lots of good boy/girl!! That's what will work if consistent. Weaning has seriously begun! When you see the picture of pups nursing today, you'll understand why! Ha! Gracey's mom came to visit today.
1/22/18- Pups are developing so nicely. All of the work of teaching not to nip and pull at clothing seems to finally be having a good effect... in the past couple days, we've noticed a marked improvement-very little nipping on us. Yay! We have to keep after them, since they are seriously teething now, and it is natural for them to bite at whatever they can reach! Dusty and Boomer were the first to jump up onto the hay bale... they sat there like king and queen of the mountain-ha! Then it was funny, Boomer dove off in somersault fashion. Really cute! Dusty did a belly dive- I love to watch them discover new things! Crate training is moving along nicely, also! Last night was the first time they ALL told me they wanted to do "big potty" outside. : ) Of course it was 3AM!! But that's ok, it's a step forward. They all flooded out the door for synchronized potting! LOL! So, on to the next phase... they will actually begin sleeping in a wire crate this week, in pairs to start. As I've said, each day there is something new! Late on 6 week pictures! drat! But hopefully today for 6 1/2 week pictures!
1/25/18- 7 WEEKS OLD!! What?? I miss them already! These are big, beautiful teddy bears!! And they will make the best pets and hunting companions ever!! Crystal has big puppies! ;) An understatement! The smallest of these at 7 weeks is 14lbs! And they are not fat! They are strong healthy pups, getting lots of fresh air and exercise. It looks like we have 7 week portraits this time, instead of 6 weeks... More training and retrieving play ... they already they want to please!
1/29/18Today, pups went to see Dr. Miller for their well-puppy visits!  Were they ever the good little pups and very healthy, too!   All there enjoyed seeing them, one at a time, as I brought them inside when it was their turn... almost like a presentation for each pup!  It was fun!  We didn't want to have them inside where other dogs go any longer than necessary so Art stayed outside with the gang in a crate... you'll see the fun pictures of them below.  It was quite a day for them and for us! (probably for Dr. Miller, Victoria, and Heather, too!). 
2/1/18Pups are 8 weeks old today... goodness, where has the time gone?! (I keep saying this!)  We are in the midst of a grand experiment! :)  Ordinarily, pups are going home at this time, but all have opted to stay one additional week to confirm whether this extra week with the litter will make for a more well-adjusted pup right from the start, without so much litter withdrawal as sometimes at the earlier time.  We'll see about that...
2/3/18Pups are bigger, faster, more playful and eat lots! I can't say they're sweeter, since they will always be the sweetest pups!  When they look you in the eye with those puppy eyes... it just doesn't get any better... so trusting and loving! Their crate training is doing great regarding asking to potty outside, but so far not all are wanting to be away from at least one other... for sleeping. So, when pups go home, if at all possible, place crate beside where you sleep so pup can see you.  That will help. (that is if even an issue by the end of the week... everyday is a very different day! :)
2/4/18- Every other day or so, pups have all eat out of separate bowls or in different combinations -  bowls and large pan. This way, they could be monitored for how fast and how much each was eating without the need to feed separately. Amazing that each ate about the same amount and speed. We often give the 3 largest pups: Remmy, Millie, and Goose - separate small bowls to discourage them from eating 'all around the big bowl'.  When fed this way, we observe that Remmy, largest pup, always finishes first... so, to remove him off and on for a second or 2 to slow him down is good. :) 
2/7/18- To add a little more variety in the lives of these older, more experienced pups, we have arranged inside play areas with play yard fencing lining our laundry room area, then allowed pups to play inside or outside... this has helped with pups desire to 'whimper' when time to go outside... worked well... someone would ask to go out, le by Dusty-Harley, then they would all file out.  So cute, below, the picture of them waiting for their dinner last night about 7pm from their inside playpen.
Time is short. Winding down :( the work of this litter... they are a wonderful bunch of happy, smart pups! You're going to LOVE your 'little' pup!!

Pups inside playing, then waiting for dinner
2-6-18 pm

Boomer agreed to model for the picture... our crate condo.
Pups rotate into these each night a different pup sleeps in one of these (off and on)
(@@)-these are sleepy eyes-ha!

Different Eating styles these days

Big kids in separate bowls, so others can eat in peace. Ha!

Good puppies!
No 'butts' about it... We're cute!! :)

Dinner is served!
Their mixture of all the good stuff!!

I love the Puppy Piles
It was cold, they dragged their towel out of the heated doghouse and .... it's under there somewhere...

Sleepy, Sunny Boomer

 Some of Pups Playing


Visit to Vet for Well-Puppy Check
1-29-18 - 7 1/2 weeks







Heading home from Vet's

Whew! Finally we're Home again!

7 WEEKS - 7-25-18
Taken In Birth Order - Look How We've Grown!!
(Notice how they get sleepier as we go down the line-from first to last... lol!)
REMMY-Blue Collar
He's got his eyes on something good!

Ready to go!

GRACEY - Purple Collar
She was a little busy for a portrait!

A sweet and smart boy-the first to ask for a belly rub!

,MAX - Black Collar
Max is so sleepy, he barely keep his eyes open!

DUSTY-Green Collar
Another Sleepy Boy!!

And last but not least...MILLIE (Millie Pearl is a purdy girl!) - Yellow Collar
Look at that face!! Sweetness!

Love this shot-Dusty and Boomer figured out they could climb up onto the haystack 
So, they're keeping an eye on mom as she enjoys the sunshine.

This is a good one-love the paws!! Serious snack for pups 1-18-18
From left: Boomer, Millie, Goose, Max
Gracey's mom comes to visit! We love those visits!

Fun at 5 WEEKS

Getting ready for bed...

The exhaustion of eating!

4-5 Week Portraits... Sleepy, Good Pups! : )) ... 1-10-18
Digital Cuteness!!
1st Born - Yellow Male - blue collar - BO 2nd Born - Chocolate Female - BOOMER

3rd Born Yellow Female - GRACEY 4th Born Black Male - GOOSE

5th Born Yellow Male - MAX 6th Born Yellow Male - DUSTY

7th Born Yellow Female - MILLIE

Olivia has always been my best helper (and Art :)! 1-5-18 - Holding Boomer and Max
She is one of the big reasons pups are so lovable and sweet! :)
She holds them each time she comes over and grades them to determine which are the most relaxed when held. :)
Boomer wins!! She can't help it... Boomer is her favorite! But it seems all of the others come in second!! : )

First Day Outside - The Story

Do we or don't we???

Mom to the Rescue!!

Looks like it's happening!!

Here we go!!

Not liking this 'outside' thing - it's big and cold!

So we'll just take a nap!!

Finally old enough to have visitors!! And our First Visitor was Boomer's Mom!! 1-4-18 -
Crystal loves visitors, too!

Crystal never gets tired of taking care of her babies! 1/2/18

Pups are 3 weeks and 4 days

Things change by the second!

And they shift... again!

So Sweet!

The ultimate Snuggle!

Amazing Gracey

Boomer and Goose

1/1/18 - Starting with Boomer, then clockwise:
Boomer, Goose, Millie, Bo, Dusty, Max, Amazing Gracey

1/1/18 - Bo back left; Goose back right;
Pile: Max is in the middle on his back: clockwise below Max's feet: Dusty, Millie, Amazing Gracey, Boomer

1/1/18 - 2 girls in the middle: Millie top middle; Amazing Gracey lower middle; Bo in back left corner;
Goose black pup in back right; Dusty under Goose; Boomer using Max for a pillow.

1/1/18 - Such big kids!


2 WEEK PHOTOS- 12/25/17

1st Born-Yellow Male-Blue Collar-Blue

2nd Born-Chocolate Female-Crimson Collar-Boomer
3rd Born -Yellow Female-Wears purple collar-Grace

4th Born -Black Male -Wears light blue collar-Goose

5th Born-Yellow Male- Wears Black Collar-Sam

6th Born Yellow Male-wears green collar-Dusty

7th Born Yellow Female-wears yellow collar-Pearl




Love those babies! 12-17-17 @ 1 1/2 weeks


12-17-171- 1-1/2 weeks

12-14-17 - 1 week

12-14-17 - 1 Week

Happy Family! 12-13-17

12-13-17-4th Born Black Male-black collar. : )

Boomer- Chocolate Female 12-13-17

12-12-17- 5 days - Crystal loves her babies! Not as much room at the table now!

Boomer 12-8-17-1 day

Beautiful babies - 12-9-17 - 2 days old

Just look at that big, hungry boy in blue... at 1.5 lbs at birth, he stopped up the works - but all finally came out just fine!


1st born- YM - wears blue collar 2nd born - CF - BOOMER - Crimson collar

3rd born - YF - wears purple collar 4th born - BM - GOOSE - wears Lt. Blue Collar

5th born - YM - wears black collar 6th born - YM - wears green collar

7th born - YF - wears yellow collar


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