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Happy New Year!!!
We brought in 2014 with

11 beautiful pups !

Out of

 Hershy's Star JAZZmine and Hanna's High Flying Flynn

~All spots for this litter are filled ~

Pups will be ready to go home the first weekend in March
[We will see you when it is your time to pick up your pup:]

Art and I want to thank all of you who are getting one of our pups- 
We appreciate you and feel confident that each of our pups will have a great life with their new family!
It was fun meeting those of you who were able to come in person to select your pup and we look forward 
to meeting several more of you when pups go home! : ) .....   : (

: )

Be watching for our next litter one year from now
We will announce late in the fall

Watch them grow!

2014 Photo / Journal

2/24/14- First round of puppy shots today, along with well-puppy check-up. All went great!  Puppies are in excellent health! Pups were very well behaved, even stood still for their shot...Jett spoke up for the rest in mild protest on the way to and from, and while he waited, but was a trooper on the table. LOL! He is the pack "voice"!/ cheerleader? : ) , All got lots of hugs, uuu's and awww's.  Of course we enjoyed that a bunch!  Dr. Patton did an excellent and thorough job for us and you will get a full report. : ) I had fun with the Vet pictures below. : )
2/21/14- Only one week left with our pups.  Time has flown by!  These are very busy times working with pups, teaching them those early things, like- be polite puppies, and the crate is a good place to be. : )  You will be amazed at the amount your pup has grown since you (who were able to come in person) first met your pup-  you'll see from the weights recorded yesterday at 7 weeks- pups have at least doubled their 4 week old weight!  Pups are playing hard, enjoying "visiting" with the big dogs, and are very sociable.  They love people!  Loud noises don't bother them - they notice a new one, but are not devastated by it. Pups go for first round of puppy shots on Monday afternoon.  Be sure to make your Vet appointment. Hopefully new families will make time to read over the things I sent.  These are things I think are important. These are the best puppies!!! (each litter gets better, although every litter is fantastic, and we are very proud of our Hershy's Star pups!)  Please note...these pups had a slower start, as you know, since Jazz had difficulty with a post whelp uterine infection.  Her milk supply needed to be supplemented, so pups were also fed puppy formula by me (VERY LOVING pups as a result! :).  For those of you who like big dogs, to reassure you, if the pup was genetically designed to be a big dog, he/she will be, slow start or not! This heads up is to prepare you...so if you see another 8 week old lab pup who seems a little larger than yours, don't be surprised! : )  As you can see, they are already working on it, and will catch up completely. : )  Those of you who like smaller dogs...well, time will tell...guessing no smaller than 65 lbs for this pedigree.
Following are 7 week old puppy weights in weight order-(largest to smallest)

10th born BM - BAXTER -lt. blue collar - 13 lbs
1- 11th born BM - MURPHY -green collar - 13 lbs
3- 9th born BM - JETT -yellow collar - 12 lbs
4- 1st born YM - DRAKE -black collar - 11 lbs 11oz
5- 5th born BF - PARIS -white collar - 11 lbs 3oz
6- 8th born YM - ACE - blue collar - 11 lbs
7- 4th born YF - SHELBY -dk green collar - 10 lbs 10oz
8- 7th born BF - JOSIE -orange collar - 10 lbs 2oz
9- 2nd born YF - MAGGIE -lavender collar - 9 lbs 13oz 
10- 3rd born YF - ZOE -yellow collar - 9 lbs 10oz
11- 6th born YF - PIPER -pink collar - 8 lbs 10oz

2/13/14- 6 Weeks old!! Another milestone...and puppy portrait time...Time sure flies!  Pups are enjoying our spring-like weather after getting a taste of weather in the teens...little fur building going on.  Lots of cute pictures will be coming soon.  Pups are growing fast...they eat collectively over 8 cups of kibble 3 times a day (give or take of course) They love playing in their straw yard, climbing on the bales, and seeing the big dogs through the fence. Jazz is loving her job...she had a rocky start with her uterine infection post delivery, but recovered nicely.  She plays with them sometimes, trying to get them to chase the ball.  But mostly she runs from them! Ha! Seems no time for posting what I have taken, but soon!  It is time to begin scheduling puppy pickup times.  Pick up weekend is March 1st. So please let me know if you have specific needs, especially those who are not from Tulsa.  We have families coming from several states, so kind of a tricky process getting everyone the time they need.  

Following are 6 week old puppy weights in weight order-(largest to smallest)

10th born BM - BAXTER -lt. blue collar - 10lbs 2oz
2- 11th born BM - MURPHY -green collar - 9lbs 14oz
3- 9th born BM - JETT -yellow collar - 9lbs 4oz
4- 5th born BF - PARIS -white collar - 9lbs 3oz
5- 1st born YM - DRAKE -black collar - 9lbs 1oz
6- 8th born YM - ACE - blue collar - 8lbs 11oz 
7- 4th born YF - SHELBY -dk green collar - 8lbs 7oz
8- 7th born BF - JOSIE -orange collar - 7lbs 14oz
9- 2nd born YF - MAGGIE -lavender collar - 7lbs 13oz 
10- 3rd born YF - ZOE -yellow collar - 7lbs 9oz
11- 6th born YF - PIPER -pink collar - 6lbs 13oz

2/9/14Now that pups are used to being outside, they hardly want to be inside.  Too many wild predators for staying out all night. The heated Dog house is the perfect resting place for these little feisty babies. Pups were wormed for the 3rd time at 5 weeks.
2/6/14Pups are doing great!  The puppy box is looking much smaller these days. Pups are aching to go outside during the day. (They don't think so, but I know so.) They were outside for a few minutes at a time, beginning a couple days ago, and did not like it.  It always takes a couple days for them to be relaxed and back to chewing on each other.  There is a picture below of their first time off the steps. (I only counted 10 pups in the picture Art took, so someone was already exploring :).  Pups are eating mostly dry kibble (sometimes they get it moistened as earlier).  They have lots of little sharp teeth,  with more trying to come in, so the hard food most likely feels pretty good on their teething gums.  Speaking of sharp teeth, we are already working on "no!" to jumping up,  biting people or their clothes, and after the "no" for biting, it's a chew toy in their mouth, and lots of "good puppy!"  They are already responding!  Such smart pups!  Potty in the right place is still a work in progress...Jazz has been a good mom for most things, but just never could quite get into the 'clean up after the pups' part.  But to be fair, Charlotte's first litter wasn't as neat as her later ones.  So I do anticipate next year will be easier for Jazz, with lots of  experience for next year. : ) Needless to say, pups get lots of sponge baths.  They love it.  They love to be brushed, too.  They are learning to stand for it. Will post weights again at 6 weeks.
2/2/14- Add 2 days, add about 11 ounces to each pup!  Growing fast in every way.   Many have named their pup.  For those who haven't yet, please let us know as soon as you decide, so we can call them by name.
1/31/14-Pups are standing to be brushed.  Such good puppies. Working on new surfaces and continue to work with daily.  Already beginning to teach sit, and gently introducing no biting on human fingers.  Pups will be going outside soon.  Getting a brief introduction to the top step. Pups usually go outside around 4-1/2 weeks...all depends on the weather. Spring pups get to go outside earlier. : )  Pups were wormed again today. More (blurry and not so blurry) pictures below....

Following are 4 week old puppy weights in weight order-(largest to smallest)

11th born BM -green collar - 6 1/4 lbs;
10th born BM - lt. blue collar - 6 lbs;
5th born BF - white collar - 5lbs 11 oz;
9th born BM - yellow collar - 5 1/2 lbs; 
1st born YM - black collar - 5 1/4 lbs;
8th born YM - dk.blue collar - 5 lbs 1 oz; 
4th born YF - dk green collar - 5 lbs 1 oz;
3rd born YF - yellow collar - 4 3/4 lbs;
7th born BF - orange collar - 4 lbs 9 oz;
2nd born YF - lavender collar - 4 lbs 7 oz;
6th born YF - pink collar - 4 lbs 1 oz

1/28/14-Pups are playing harder with each other with each passing day...love the duck and pheasant scents...those little noses hit the air!! Eating like crazy!  More pictures coming today... : ) We had a nice visitor today.  Dr. Miller came to see pups.  They got a great report from her.  She loved them all! 
1/25/14-Pups are eating like little piggies (or like lab puppies : ), and playing hard. There will be lots of pictures this week, since picks are one week from now. Haven't had time for too many pictures so far, but be watching all week for more. Pups have really changed!
1/24/14-So much happening! Pups first day around a new "dinner table" today. they did great! Had to prepare a second helping...the little gobblers were in typical lab fashion. : ) There is a picture below, along with a couple other random shots. : )
1/23/14-Pups are 3 weeks old today! Pups were wormed today.
1/20/14-Such smart puppies! Often they will wobble to the potty area in their new box to potty. They are starting to wrestle with each other. Very cute!
1/18/14-Oh drat! I spent over an hour posting and labeling 2 week portraits 2 nights ago, opened the sight this morning and for some reason, did not save. : ( I'll try again soon. They are really CUTE! Pups will transition to new puppy box this afternoon at 2-1/2 weeks old. A definite milestone for them. They will have a separate potty area, and begin to exercise their natural instinct to potty away from where they sleep. They learn very quickly! Pups have tripled their birth weight.
1/16/14-We're getting closer to "pick time" : ). I will be in touch early next week to set appointments for around the weekend of the Feb. 1st. I look forward to everyone seeing these cute little guys. They change so much each day. I am beginning to work with them this week...each day. Happy Birthday, Olivia! : ))
1/15/14- All 22 eyes are officially open! What a happy day! The sparkle in their eyes really brings their already sweet face to life! Irresistible little guys! I can hardly keep my hands off them. : )
1/14/14-Pups are already beginning to open their eyes...such a special time! 2 Week photos will be coming in the next few days.
1/13/14-Pups are doing well...growing, growing... All are trying to walk, so cute. They walk on all 4's-totally wobbly, then go for a roll! : ) Next milestone...waiting for those little eyes to sparkle. Should happen this week-can't wait!
1/10/14-What little cuties! And so sweet...I am handling them several times a day...they are wiggly, then settle nicely. I love that! (you want wiggly for sure!) Pups have doubled their birth weight, so, Jazz, you're doing great!! This morning, Puppy nails were clipped and filed to save mom from the 88 little sharpies... : O... They were all polite little pups while I worked on them.
Pups began their stressing exercises today. This mild exercise will help them better deal with stress throughout their lives. Olivia is a great helper. She helps when we weigh them, and makes sure she can count 11 pups in the right place (and not stuck behind mom) when she passes through . : )
1/7/14-Pups are cuter every time I look at them. Note the new pics below...Even our little ones are taking off...gaining very well. Great job, Jazz!
1/6/14-Pups are growing fast, and Jazz has settled into motherhood very nicely. She will learn a few things as time passes, of course...like it's OK to get up and have a drink of water or a snack. She is very obviously concerned about stepping on pups, so stays mostly "planted" in the same spot until we come to help her avoid stepping on them. She's getting the hang of it...saw her in a different position this morning for the first time, and none had been stepped on, thankfully. :) She is very conscious of her babies! She had a uterine infection shortly after whelping pups, and forged ahead with caring for her babies.  I added puppy formula to their diet.  Wanted to make sure they were getting what they needed.  A little constipated at first, but boy are things flowing now!
1/4/14- Today, pups go for their dew claw removal-their first trip to the Vet! Doc gave them a good report. Pups are all very healthy!
1/3/14- Pups are growing nicely. Be watching for those newborn pictures. Pups' birth weights ranged in from 9.5 oz to 1 lb. Quite a range. We have to keep reminding our little piggies to let the little ones go first. :)
12/31/13- Jazz delivered her first pup ever at 6:30 pm on New Year's Eve. She did well...you hardly knew she was in labor...what a lady! Whelping was completed in the next year! Her 11th and final pup was born at 6:41 am on January 1st, 2014.
 First round of puppy shots today 2/24/14
-Home after Doctor visit-
"Can you believe they stuffed us all in these tiny crates!
At least we had our own 'room'!" thought Josie.
(Girls in one(L) and boys in the other(R) : )
Zoe stood still for Dr. Patton, thinking "REALLY!?!
I have never been so humiliated in my whole life!!"
"I'm not really sure this is how I want to spend my afternoon!"
Then Drake winks, thinking, "But if the others can do it, so can I!"
Jett was thinking, "I spent all that time begging to be first, and for this??
Now I wish I had just blended in with the woodwork!"
Maggie thought, "I wonder if the others are watching this?! I REALLY hope not!!"
"Woah!!,"  Josie thought, "This is a new one!!! "
 "Hey, could you speed it up a little?! I was in the middle of a nap!
I mean, Please speed it up ...(I really should be polite to the one holding the needle!!"
thought PARIS (formerly Lucy :).
Piper thought, "I wonder if this could be any more embarrassing?
And they're even taking pictures!!"
"Hey, the doc had a phone call...maybe she'll forget I'm here, and we can slip out and go home!
[They said that won't happen] Shucks, I was afraid of that!" thought Shelby.
"I don't know what they're all fussing about!  This isn't so bad...
I didn't feel a thing!! Do I look scared!!"
thought Baxter
Ace thought, "What is it they say?? Grin and bear it??? Let's put 'they' on the table!!"
Murphy thought, "If I take one huge leap, I think I could get off this table!!
But when I look down, I think the ground would be harder on me than this. 
Ok, I'll stay, but hurry it up before I change my mind!" 
6 Weeks Old
February 13, 2014

First Day off the steps
Feb 1st-brrrr...in the low 20's!
[If you're from MN, this would be summer weather, right, Tom?!  :]
(hmm...where is the 6th yellow?)

Monday, Feb. 3rd
Olivia helped me bring the pups 2 by 2 to meet Bear cat
(Bear is still not fully recovered from his surgery due to a coyote-attack; so pups approached, but did not crawl on him as with other litters. : )

1st born - YM - Drake with Bear

 #2-YF-  Maggie with Bear

#3- YF- Zoe - with Bear

#4- YF-  Shelby with Bear

#5 pup  studies Bear, while her brother,  Murphy, # 11 pup, seems more interested in pouncing on instead of the cat! ha!

#6 - YF - Piper -with Bear

#7- BF - Josie-orange- with Bear

#8 - YM - Ace with Bear

#9 - BM - Jett (collar looks green, but really yellow)
#10- Baxter with Bear
#11- Murphy with Bear


Bear is going to be just fine.  He and Jazz enjoy dining together.
He has quite a bit more healing to do.
We are thankful he is recovering
Pup's first time on outside steps - Jan 30th-4 wks-always apprehensive for a couple days-will go outside for longer periods at 4 1/2 weeks, depending on weather

January 28th
Dr. Miller with Black Female - white collar
Not nearly as much room between them. They all eat for about 15 minutes, and sometimes
they get a little more.  Note yellow females are at the top; yellow males at the bottom;
black females on the left; black males on the right : )
 Playpen pics
We got to take a nap in the playpen while our other bed got cleaned up.
We get weighed everyday...all of us are good in the bucket. : D - BM-blue collar
 January 28th
Some of the pictures are a bit blurry-sorry, wiggly pups and tired me. ; ) 
1st Born YM - Black Collar
1st Born YM - Black Collar-woke him up : )
1st Born YM - Black Collar
2nd Born- YF-lavender collar
 2nd Born- YF-lavender collar
2nd Born- YF-lavender collar
3rd Born- YF-yellow collar
3rd Born- YF-yellow collar
3rd Born- YF-yellow collar
4th Born- YF-dk. green collar
4th Born- YF-dk. green collar
4th Born- YF-dk. green collar
5th Born- BF -white collar
5th Born- BF -white collar
5th Born- BF -white collar-she got caught with food on her face. : D
 6th Born- YF- pink collar
6th Born- YF- pink collar
6th Born- YF- pink collar
7th Born - BF - orange collar
7th Born - BF - orange collar
7th Born - BF - orange collar
8th Born - YM - dk. blue collar
8th Born - YM - dk. blue collar
8th Born - YM - dk. blue collar
9th Born - BM - yellow collar
9th Born - BM - yellow collar
9th Born - BM - yellow collar -look at that tail wagging. : )
10th Born - BM - Lt. blue collar
10th Born - BM - Lt. blue collar
10th Born - BM - Lt. blue collar
11th Born - BM - Lt. green collar
11th Born - BM - Lt. green collar
 11th Born - BM - Lt. green collar-caught him just as he was whining. : )
Cute kiddos, cute pups! Fantastic helpers!
Nash holding Yellow Female with pink collar 1/26/14
Olivia holding Black Female with orange collar 1/26/14
Xander holding Black Male with blue collar 1/26/14
Look how much less room there is between them-the difference just 2 days can make
My best helper! Pups got a sponge bath after first big meal


Pups finishing a pan of food
breakfast 1/27/14

January 24, 2014

What a lap-full! (most are on other side)

First time around the big food dish- Jan. 24th - pups 3 wks old & working hard at it!
Dish is 15 1/2" in diameter and they make it look smaller : )
...pups are growing nicely!

Full tummies...sleepy pups!

This is Bear...he is our friendly huge cat who shows the pups how nice cats can be.
He has taken 4-week old pics with pups for a few years now.
He had a bad run-in with a coyote, and escaped, but with lots of wounds : (
(No doubt that coyote took home some reminders of Bear! You go, boy!)
He will most likely be on medical leave when these pups are 4 weeks, since today he has surgery.

January 17, 2014
2 week old portraits-Eyes are Now Open!
(Art had to hold them so we could see their eyes...
thought to cover his hand would help them show up..not sure the pink glove gets it done LOL!
January 16, 2014
A few random shots...

1st Born - Yellow Male - Black Collar
6th Born - Yellow Female - Pink Collar

8th Born- Yellow Male - Blue Collar
11th Born - Black Male - Light Green Collar

Jan 15, 2014

Jan 6, 2014
Sweet wiggling and squeaking - 5 days old : )

Sweet puppy pics...and Olivia with pups...my best helper (next to Art : )!!


I think they just don't get cuter than this! Then they get cuter!!
5 days old

Newborn Portraits
2 days old
and they just keep getting cuter!
1st born -Yellow Male-black collar 2nd born -Yellow Female-lavender collar
3rd born -Yellow Female-yellow collar4th born -Yellow Female-dk.green collar
5th born -Black Female-White collar6th born -Yellow Female-pink collar
7th born -Black Female-Orange collar 8th born -Yellow Male-Dk. Blue collar
9th born -Black Male-Yellow collar 10th born -Black Male-Lt. Blue collar
11th born -Black Male-Lt. Green collar

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Olivia and Jazz enjoying each other on the way home
from learning how many pups!
X-ray confirmed13 pups!!

Jazz is resting peacefully
She is due any day now

Please stay tuned!

We expect them between December 30, 2013 and January 3, 2014
We are very excited about Jazz' first litter of pups...
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