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Our Final litter (for now) was
June 18, 2021 

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Health Clearances for Hershy's Star Labradors: 
The health of our dogs and their offspring is extremely important to us. 
You can be assured we will only breed healthy dogs!
We have our dogs tested to ensure that the pups they produce have the best chance at a long, healthy life and require the same of any dog who sires one of our litters!

** Note : Our dogs' Pedigrees are packed with notable champions, including pointer dogs 
(Kellogg and more)-
**Also Note: pointer credentials do not get noted in AKC pedigrees. 
Sir Hershey of Surrey in 5th generation (read about him on "Past Champions" page)- AKC shows no title and he was one of only 10 Labradors to be inducted in the Pointer Hall of Fame (APLA)!
Jazzmine (RETIRED) is such a good and loyal girl - a great temperament! 
She, like her mother, Charlotte, wants to stay by your side, unless you tell her otherwise!
She is proof that our line of dogs are successful in producing the pups we want!

CRYSTAL (Retired) A smart and loyal girl! She is always by my side and if not, she wants to be.  
I love all of my dogs.  They differ to a degree, but all have these things in common... 
they are great companions, very intelligent and beautiful!


~Champions listed on our Dam & Sire Pedigrees will all be part of  pups' pedigree ~
(to be updated to new sire very soon)
-We generally have only one litter per year-



~Thank you to all who have reserved a pup from us over the years!!~


To err is human: To forgive is Divine (and canine:).

We invite you to visit other pages on our site (across the top under our heading) to see our past litters, while reading information about us and what is important to us regarding the first stages of puppy development.  You will learn about our role in helping puppies excel as they flourish and grow through these critical stages of life. By visiting journal pages for each litter, you will see that we take very seriously our commitment to their success. 

There's more....
 (For those who do not understand the value of a Home Breeder (our "breed" of home breeder:), it can be summed up in a few words...Pups are not left on their own in a kennel, they are in our home, and part of the family...they receive ultimate socialization, and close attention to all early developmental stages, allowing them to be the best they can be at whatever future is in store for them...whether your family pet, hunting companion, competitor, or all ... there is no substitute for this time...and you can NEVER get it back or catch it up! They either get it, or they don't !

For more information about this, simply ask.

In LOVE with the Fabulous Labrador Retriever 

One of the Great Working / Sporting/ Hunting Dog Breeds

Also, one of the best breeds for a family's pet and lifelong companion !


If you are looking for an extremely healthy, well socialized pup, with prominent National Field Champions,

GMPR, Master and Senior Hunters in their Pedigree, then you should be very pleased with our puppies.

Extremely High Quality pups

We have an AMAZING value for you, here at Hershy's Star Labradors !!

You will be happy you invested in your life long companion!
But then, there is still more...

We work with pups the entire time we have them, teaching them to be polite pups, with successful work on that sometimes difficult task of no nipping, no jumping; also, they will be crate trained, will often to sit, stay down - many other early accomplishments, including introducing/scenting them for water fowl and upland game.

The huge amounts of time we spend with each pup in every one of our litters at Hershy's Star Labradors provides pups with an excellent and ideal early beginning, socializing them, and making them ready to do the great work you have for them, making them the best dog for their new family!

Our past customers will tell you the difference our work with them in the early days definitely makes.

(this is another reason we generally have only one litter per year, but mostly for the sake of our dam! ... :)

(For each litter, we will keep you posted on how they're doing under tab for Pup's page labeled the year pups are born! :)

See LOTS of pictures of our many past litters

under "PAST LITTERS" Tab - then click on the year you want to see!


For the love of Charlotte
(Jazz' and Crystal's mom )
She leaves a wonderful legacy!
(she left us way too early...with a hard lesson learned)
...as it has been said, 
"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty!"
She was such a good girl.  And was responsible for SO many good pups for families.
I never will forget how the first trainer we took her to, wanted to buy her from us. 
A great testament to the quality of her temperament and abilities. She should still be with us!
I miss her so!
2005 - 2015

Great job, Jake!
He is a Registered Therapy Dog !

Children LOVE to read to Jake-he listens well. : )
We enjoy seeing lots of smiles as we share Jake with lots of people
in different environments in Tulsa.

 Our Precious 84 lb Jake (2008 - 2022), playing in the snow - 1/31/10
He sadly left us on Valentines Day of this year, 2022. 
He was 13!
He was going strong at 12 years old, but had an injury in the snow in February 2021, 
which he never completely recovered from, 
though he had come pretty far after a year of trying.
He was the best boy! Traveled several times with me to Florida and to Arizona...
He was the best of all temperaments.  Very calm, but a hard player and retriever, and so affectionate...
as manifested by the way he lovingly sat and listened to the children read to him
 during that period when he was a Therapy Dog.
This was my Jake!  I will always remember him fondly and miss him terribly!


We not only emphasize the importance of a pup's bloodline, but also the great value in a healthy beginning, mixed with the very important socialization for each pup. We think it's the individual attention given to each and every pup that makes us stand out from many of the others!

We invite you to take a little time

and browse through the rest of our site-

Hopefully, you will find it interesting and informative!

God Bless!



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