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We're counting the days!! 

11 puppies confirmed! Due any day now... 

~ due date prediction: Dec. 21st-24th ~ 

So Check back often : )


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To err is human:To forgive, Divine and canine.

Please check out our other pages to see our past litters, and information about us and what is important to us regarding the first stages of puppy development


(See more below and on the '2014 Puppies' page for journal and pictures-updated regularly throughout the 8 weeks that we have them :)

(For those who do not understand the value of a Home Breeder (at least our "breed" of home breeder:), it can be summed up in a few words...Pups are not left on their own in a kennel, they are in our home, and part of the family...they receive ultimate socialization, and close attention to all the early develpmental stages that allow them to be the best they can be at whatever future is in store for them...whether your family pet, hunting companion, competitor, or all ... there is no substitute for this time...and you can NEVER get it back or catch it up !  They either get it, or they don't ! 

For more information about this, simply ask.

In LOVE with the Fabulous Labrador Retriever

SHR Hershy's Star JAZZmine (JAZZ)- 2011
(For more, see 'Dam & Sire Pedigree' page)

  One of the Great Working / Sporting/ Hunting Dog Breeds   

Also, one of the best breeds for a family's pet and lifelong companion !

 If you are looking for an extremely healthy, well socialized pup, with prominent National Field Champions,

GMPR, Master and Senior Hunters in their Pedigree, then you should be very pleased with our puppies.

 Extremely High Quality pups

An AMAZING value at HSL (Hershy's Star Labradors) !!

You will be happy you invested in your life long companion!
But then there is more...

  We work with pups the entire time we have them, teaching them to be polite pups, often to sit, stay down, and many other early obedience needs.

I don't know any other breeder who spends the huge amounts of time with their litters as we do here at Hershy's Star Labradors.

Our customers will tell you the difference that makes.

(this is also why we have only one litter per year! ... :)

(For more information about how to reserve a future PUP for you,

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~SHR Hershy's Star JAZZmine~
(Jazz is our our beautiful and sweet, smart and well-mannered 4 year old yellow out of Hershy's Chocolate Charlotte and Rising Star of "Super Chief") 

SHR Hershy's Star Jazzmine
received her SHR Title in Spring 2012


~Hanna's High Flying FLYNN ~
An extremely handsome, intelligent and well-mannered Black American Lab
More about Flynn below and on "Dam and Sire Pedigrees" page
(take a look at his outstanding pedigree (below his picture) and on the Dam & Sire Pedigree page) !!

Pups have a LOT going for them, with parents like these !!

Meet FLYNN ....
He has an outstanding pedigree...

Out of Candlewood Johny B Good & Aces High Hanna

Grandsires: Rik's Risky Raider and Wilderness Harley To Go
 Granddam: Candlewoods Gotta Be Good

Pups will have the same outstanding bloodlines as their parents!


When the time is right, a $200 deposit will reserve your pup for you...
email or call:
lhersh@cox.net (Londa) / 918-809-4158 (Londa)

(For each litter, we will keep you posted on how they're doing under"Pups" page for the year pups are born! :)

(You can also see LOTS of pictures of Charlotte's and Chief's  litters - under "PAST LITTERS" Tab in '2008-2012 and Charlotte and Flynn's 2013 litter)

            For the love of Charlotte 
             (matriarch "dam" -Jazz' mom )




We not only emphasize the importance of a pup's bloodline, but also the great value in a healthy beginning, mixed with the very important socialization for each pup.  We think it's the individual attention given to each and every pup that makes us stand out from many of the others! 


We invite you to take a little time

and browse through the rest of our site-

Hopefully, you will find it interesting and informative!



 Jazzmine's pups are from great bloodlines like:  

NFC, 2X NAFC SUPER CHIEF,  GMPR Sir Hershey of Surrey, and Candlewoods Mad Mouse, 
FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go, NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker

    Also in their pedigree are names like .....Aces High III and Kellogg's line

We feel our pups have the same potential as their great ancestors!  And more good news is that both parents have a gentle nature, are loyal and responded very well to obedience training. 

Flynn and Jazzmine's pups will want to please you, just like their parents do!!!

           Jazzmine (our dam) is such a good and loyal girl - a great temperament! She, like her mother, wants to stay by your side, unless you tell her otherwise!



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 Hershy's Star Labradors of Tulsa 

Home Bred Pups

Prepared and Ready for Your Training!

Your Sporting Companion & Your Best  Friend Ever!!

Please contact us at: 918-491-7451 or email us at: Lhersh@cox.net


And God bless you!
We are Licensed Home Breeders


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